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Las Flores Yoga experience provides a holistic approach to relaxation and rejuvenation through the practice of Sivananda Yoga a gateway to help you release physical and mental knots accumulated from a daily life of stress, tension, and negative emotions.
Yoga means union.
It is an integrated system of practice for the body, mind, and inner spirit. Yoga practices such as breathing exercises (pranayama), holding postures (asanas), a healthy diet, relaxation (savasana) and meditation are time tested and perfected tools to help you find heal and strengthen your body and mind.

Our yoga instructor is Imelda Yasbek Baires (500 E-RYT)
Imelda lives in San Salvador and is at Las Flores Resort upon request basis only.
Cost is $75.00 per person per 60min session.



I had the opportunity to discover the amazing benefits of Yoga, which is now my passion, for more than 9 years. Observing how each yoga practice ended with a smile, it motivated me to share the feeling of physical and emotional well-being and have been traveling to India each year for 7 years, to the Capital of Yoga Rishikesh to get certified as a teacher, with respectable teacher Swuami Sudhir specializing in Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Ashtanga , physiotherapy, besides Pranayama , meditation , philosophy , anatomy and Kriya.

My classes are mainly Vinyasa and Ahstanga Vinyasa full of challenging energy and always with a funny twist. Yoga has taught me that my body is designed to feel and do incredible things, restoring that confidence we had when we were small, we could achieve what we aim with just trying, allowing us to learn about ourselves playing and exploring.

I consider myself an eternal student, I remain always taking my daily practice with different teachers and attending workshops at home and abroad as often as my classes allow me. I am very sociable and very passionate in terms of yoga; I love my job I always keep studying and growing in the world of yoga. I always look for empathy with my students to the level they perceive a positive energy in each class to explore the limits of your body physically connecting with mind energy level and creating a relaxing both through breath control balance. Making each class a unique and creative experience impart basic classes, therapeutic, physical therapy, yoga for kids, yoga Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar Method, Hatha Yoga, acroyoga to Taichi and Qi Gong. I speak give classes in 100% in English if required.

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What's Included:


  • 200 hr Yoga teacher training Shiva Yoga Peeth India. 2012
  • 300 hr Yoga Teacher traning Shiva Yoga Peeth India 2013.
  • 500hr Yoga teacher training Surinder Sigt Ashram India 2014.
  • 500hr advanced Yoga teacher training Om academy India 2015
  • 2 months Longmen Pai, Wundang Dragon, China: Taichi & Qi qong, 2018


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