Hotel Guest Information & FAQs


Hotel: +503-2684-4444 email:
General manager: Rodrigo Barraza +503-7861-4097 email:
Sales and experience agent, Cony Rivas:
USA: +1-760-413-1513 (Iphone/Whats App) email:
Hotel Address: Carretera que de Playa el Cuco conduce a cantón el Carrizal, Playa Las Flores, Chirilagua, San
Miguel, El Salvador, C.A.


From the airport take “Carretera del Litoral” (CA2). You are going to go through Zacatecoluca and Usulután
(take the Usulután bypass to avoid “Centro”) and then at El Delirio Km 143 (there is a PUMA gas station) take
the road to La Union (right). Turn right again at KM 157.5 to Chirilagua and El Cuco. When you arrive in El Cuco
turn right to El Carrizal. After one kilometer you will see Las Flores Resort on your left.


The Airport is making modifications in the exit area from the terminal for the opening of new sections which
will be ready 2021. We advise our guest that when you go out the door, continue straight to avoid the people in
front of the exit area and continue straight to a wall with Maya decoration at the end of the hall. On the right
side you will find some benches. Please wait here and phone our driver Amadeo Medrano +503-7888-4829 or
the resort +503-2684-4444 to let us know you have cleared customs. Due to Covid restrictions, the drivers
cannot wait inside the airport while passengers are inside the terminal. Our vehicles and/or drivers have a Las
Flores Resort logo.


All foreign nationals entering El Salvador must have a valid passport to enter El Salvador. The
passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your date of entry.


As of September 2020, an RT-PCR test must be taken within 72 hours of your international flight
departure to El Salvador. You must present the certificate on the laboratory letterhead showing the RT-PCR
test and negative result to both the airlines and immigration. Masks are always required while inside the
airplane, airport, and transportation vehicles. Inside LFR property, mask is required at all common areas,
biosafety protocols are implemented and certified. For more information about the new protocols, please look
at this page: http://localhost/lasflores/safe-travel-at-las-flores-resort/


Visas are not required for US or Canadian Citizens. Other nationalities please inquire with us directly.

Arrival Tax/Tourist Visa:

El Salvador has a $10 charge for your tourist visa (Americans and Canadians)
which must be paid at immigration in cash.

Official Currency:

US dollars (ATMs located in airport)

Credit cards/Cash:

Las Flores Resort accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express for guest incidentals
which may be charged to your room account. You will need to have the credit card in your possession, and it
must be in your name. The nearest ATM to the hotel is 35min drive away. We recommend each guest bring
approximately $300 cash for expenses outside the hotel such as surfing photos and videos, souvenirs, or
gratuities, which must be paid in cash.

Important Information regarding FLIGHTS:

If your flight is delayed more than 1hour or you miss your flight, please contact us directly to advise at or +503-2684-4444 Hotel or +1-760-413-1513 USA.
If your flight arrives after 9pm you can choose to stay at Quality Real Aeropuerto located 1km from the airport
w/shuttle +503-2366-0000 or pay an additional cost of $80 for after hours transfer.
What to do if your surfboards do not arrive:

A) File a lost/delayed baggage report with your airline before exiting baggage claim. Retain the yellow or white
slip copy and present to Las Flores Resort front desk manager upon arrival.
B) Leave a photocopy of your passport with the airline representative.
C) The airlines will give you the option of having the bags delivered to the hotel. Provide them with the following contact:

Las Flores Surf Club: Carretera que de Playa El Cuco conduce a cantón El Carrizal, Km 1, Playa Las Flores,
Chirilagua, San Miguel, El Salvador, C.A. +503-2684-4444


  1. Check-in time: 2pm. Luggage storage at the front desk is available if you arrive at the resort prior to checkin time. In the event you room is available before the check-in time of 2pm, you may request an early check-in for a fee of $40. No arrivals prior to 8am can be accommodated.
  2. Check-out time: 11am. Luggage storage at the front desk is available if you have a later departure time from the resort. In the event your room is available, a late check-out may be requested for a fee of $40.00.
  3. Electricity/Voltage is 110V, SAME AS USA, no adapters required
  4. Phone Calls: Due to new biosafety protocols, we no longer have fixed landlines inside of the rooms, instead we use CONTACTLESS ASSISTANCE via WhatsApp communication directly to Customer experience and reception to
  5. Cell Phones: There is limited cellular coverage at Las Flores Resort for phones w/ intl. GSM Roaming. AT&T
    has good coverage throughout El Salvador. Roaming charges average about $2.00 per minute use so consider
    using internet-based communication like Skype as an alternative.
  6. Internet: Las Flores Resort has a WIFI network w/ADSL internet service, which is still able to still run-on
    generator power in the event of a power outage, to provide a reliable internet service. There is WIFI
    throughout most of the resort including the hotel, lounge, bar, pool, restaurant and beachside areas. You will
    need to obtain the password and user ticket from the front desk. Average connection speeds are around 1-
    3mbps download and upload. It can be slower during periods of peak usage.
  7. The swim-up bar/infinity pool has a dangerous drop-off. Sitting or walking on the infinity pool wall is
    prohibited. All diving is prohibited. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited from entering the swim-up bar
  8. Smoking policy: Smoking is prohibited inside the hotel rooms, restaurant, or bar areas, only outdoors in
    open air.
  9. Marijuana/Drugs: The use of marijuana or other drugs at Las Flores Surf Club is forbidden. Marijuana is
    illegal in El Salvador. Anyone using marijuana or other drugs will be asked to leave the hotel without
    compensation. Salvadorian law has mandatory prison terms for anyone caught possessing or transporting
    drugs and highway searches are not unheard of.
  10. Liquor policy: Mango’s Bar serves a full variety of alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, mixed and
    frozen drinks, as well as non-alcoholic drinks such as sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit smoothies.
    The bar accepts all major credit cards as well as cash or you can add any additional expense to your tab to be
    paid at the end of your stay. Las Flores Resort does not accept travelers’ checks. The consumption of outside
    liquor in the resort other than that sold on premises is prohibited. The restaurant will allow guests to consume
    a bottle of wine for a corkage fee of $30.00 per bottle.
  11. Food & Beverage
    All Las Flores Resort packages include both Continental and American style breakfast, Lunch* and Dinner.
    (*Additional charge for shellfish.) Included drinks are drinking water, coffee/tea, juices + 3 sodas or national
    beers or 1 smoothie or energy drink per day. For any special dietary requests, please talk to manager at
    Meal schedule as follows:
    5am-7am: Continental breakfast; 8am-11am: Breakfast; 12 noon-3pm: Lunch & 7 or 730pm: Dinner
  12. Health/Safety:
    Las Flores Resort uses a 3-stage filtration and purification process for all water inside the hotel used for sinks,
    showers. For food preparation bottled water is used. Las Flores Resort follows and is permanently educating
    personnel about Good Manufacturing Practices in all food handling and preparation and use cleaning machines
    from food safety industry leaders of the world. It also has regular inspections of the Ministerio de Salud and
    perform exams to all food handling personnel. We warn against consumption of food or some beverages sold
    outside the hotel as local vendors typically do not take precautions.
  13.  Daily maid and towel service is provided. Extra pool towels are available at the bar.
  14.  Tipping Policy: A service charge (gratuity) is included in the package cost. In addition, a 10% service
    charge is added to the hotel incidentals and bar bill at checkout. Additional tipping is discretionary and should
    be left with the front desk manager at checkout for transparency and proper handling, where it will be
    recorded and distributed equally to hotel and surfing departments.
  15. Maintenance or Management Issues: It is important that you report any hotel maintenance issues you
    encounter with your rooms or any other area of our service to our hotel management immediately so we may
    address the problems and get them resolved in a timely manner. Las Flores Resort is in a remote location and it
    can require time to call in specialists or spare parts so the sooner we can get on it the better. Please report via
    WhatsApp: +503 7861 2864.


FISHING: Fishing trips are $380.00 for up to 3 hours nearshore fishing, or $600.00 for up to 6 hours offshore
fishing. Maximum 4 persons + Captain + Deckhand. All equipment provided as well as complimentary cold
beverages and petit snack. Please coordinate to book the fishing tour with at least 2 days in anticipation, so that
guide can give feedback on fishing conditions, weather and can set up everything properly.
SURFBOARD RENTALS: Las Flores Surf Club has a selection of boards for rental including longboards,
funboards, and shortboards. For more details, please visit our website: Surfboard Rentals and Firewire Demo
SURFING LESSONS/COACHING Surfing lessons should be schedule through the front desk upon or just after
arrival. We ask that you select your same preferred time slot for each consecutive day of your surfing lessons
for the purposes of scheduling and instructor availability. Surfing lessons will take place directly in front of the
hotel on Las Flores beach. Surfboard and leash are provided. You should have just your surfing apparel, rash
guard, and sun protection ready.
If you would like advanced surf coaching at Las Flores point or a surf break other than Las Flores, it is possible,
however you must request this in advance with the surf guides.
For boat trips, surfers must be on our surf package with boat trips included and be at appropriate skill level for
the conditions.
Surf guide: Mauricio Meardi
BOATS DEPARTURES, daily departure times (subject to change depending on conditions)
Trip can depart 5:30am, 7:30am or other hours to be advised by surf guide orientation based on Swell, tide,
weather, crowd control and personal recommendations
SAFETY: Boats are boarded and deboarded on the outside of the lineup. To board the boat, you must
paddle your board outside, and board there. When coming back to the beach, you must deboard the
boat, and paddle into the beach. No boats will be launched through the surf with guests onboard, only
the captain and surf guide. (This is necessary to minimize the weight and tilt on the boats when launching
through the waves at Las Flores).
The boat trips will not launch or operate in any conditions determined to be unsafe which may include
thunderstorms, squalls or extreme surf conditions. Las Flores staff will launch the boat and get it out of the
water onto the trailers. Please stay out of the way and do not attempt to help them with this as it can be
dangerous. Always follow the instructions of the Captain and Surf Guide while onboard the vessels.
SURFBOARDS: One surfboard per guest on the boat. Ask your surf guide for board recommendations based on
the swell to avoid bringing the wrong equipment. Bring a sleeve or board sock so you do not ding the other
surfers’ boards. Each boat should bring max. 1-2 spare boards for the group in case of breakage. Please prepare
your boards the night before if possible, to avoid any delays to the scheduled departures.



  • Valid Passport
  • Photocopy of passport, keep it separate from your passport in case you lose passport
  • Travel & Medivac Insurance (recommended)
  • Surfing Gear

**Note: Las Flores Rental surfboards have fins and leashes so just bring your own personal surfwear.


(if not using the boards at Las Flores Surf Club)

  • Surfboard bags (avoid hardcases, Santa Monica sports cases- airlines often won’t take them or charge
    extra). Avoid metallic silver bags for the tropics.
  • Extra leashes and fins
  • Tropical Wax: Water temps average 80-85 degrees!
  • Reef Booties (recommended at Punta Mango)
  • Surf Hat (DA KINE makes a good one) for sun protection.
  • Lycra rash guard (sun protection)
  • Ding repair kit. Epoxy types ONLY. Seal it up well. (You cannot carry acetone & resin on aircraft)

Surf Photography

There are resident surf photographers and filmers at Las Flores and Punta Mango. They will shoot
many sessions and sell images and video files following the sessions. Please bring a USB flash drive as
well as cash for payment. Photos and videos may not be paid through the resort. Please note this is an
outside service from the resort and surfers are responsible for obtaining their own photos onsite
directly from the photographers. We will not be able to retrieve any surf photos after guest departure
as photogs normally delete all images after several days


  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Personal medications
  • Basic medical kit. Betadine works best to clean cuts, and anti-biotic in powder form is better than
    Neosporin if you can get that. Gauze pads, band aids, wrap etc.
  • Mineral/salts supplement & Vitamins
  • Potassium supplements
  • Good sunscreen—best being Bull Frog & Headhunters brands, something with Zinc
  • Skin moisturizer / aloe after sun.
  • Preventative prescription of CIPRO or other antibiotic, usually a 3-day prescription, for traveler’s
    diarrhea, ear, or sinus infections (common in the rainy season).


  • Lightweight clothing – shorts, T-shirts, sarongs, sandals.
  • Hat(s) with wide brim and light color.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hair bands (for long hair)

 Entertainment (optional)

  • iPod / iPhone, etc…
  • DVDs (surf videos, movies)
  • Cameras
  • Books/Magazines
  • ** Electric voltage is 110v (same as USA)


We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a
lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your
suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the
lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our
project/projects: Pack for a Purpose for Las Flores Resort
Tourists who wish to give back to the community can take requested and much-needed school supplies.
These supplies are of great value to the local community and help ensure quality educational
experiences for these children

Sustainability guidelines:

Las Flores Resort has Sustainability in its DNA, please try to collaborate to create
good beneficial impact to the community’s economy, cultural identity, and environmental protection.
+ Please bring water bottle to refill in water stations through all the property


The cornerstones of surf etiquette is: respect for fellows surfers and respect for the ocean. Those have been
founded on helping you and others enjoy the waves, especially since surfing is gaining popularity and safety at
the ocean is very important. So remember these when you hit the waves.

  1. Giving the Right of Way
  2. Never Drop in on a Fellow Surfer
  3. When You Paddle In…
  4. Never Ditch Your Surfboard
  5. Don’t Snake a Brother
  6. Don’t Be a Wave Hog
  7. Respect the Ocean
  8. Know Your Expertise Level (Know Your Limits)
  9. Respecting the Ocean and Fellow Surfers
    Above All, Respect
Las Flores Resort is owned and managed by Inversiones El Caracol SA de CV