El Salvador entry requirements for traveling from the USA

Updated December 1st, 2021

El Salvador entry requirements for traveling from the USA

According to the Government of El Salvador, on their website, El Salvador remove the sanitary requirements for entering the national territory related to the presentation of negative tests and vaccination cards in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic for travelers entering the country. However, we encourage to voluntarily continue practicing biosecurity protocols.

All visitors must verify the immigration requirements needed to enter El Salvador before starting their journey to avoid unwanted setback. Passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling to El Salvador. For more info, click here.

Passengers arriving to the USA (from El Salvador departure)

Updated December 1st, 2021

Testing – ALL Travelers

Before boarding a flight to the United States, you are required to show one of the following:

If you are fully vaccinated: Proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 3 days before travel.

If you are NOT fully vaccinated: A negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 1 day before travel.

Children under 2 years old do not need to test

For current, official government information, please refer to the official site, clicking here

NOTE: Follow all airline requirements as well as any requirements at your destination, including mask wearing, proof of vaccination, testing, or quarantine. Requirements may differ from U.S. requirements.  


For Las Flores Resort guests there are two options to get the approved tests for your travel to the USA:

OPTION #1: ANTIGEN test which delivers faster results and is cheaper than the PCR test. Las Flores Resort can coordinate for the Antigen test to be done at Las Flores Resort if this is reserved in a timely manner. To book a Covid test: At your check in, our front desk agent will take a copy of your passport and give you details of your appointment. Important note: For 3 nights booking or less, antigen appointments must be done withing 5 days prior your arrival, by sending an email to our client experience agent: cony@lasfloresexperience.com



Laboratorio Hidalgo
Resort Visits are available with previous appointment
Located in City of Usulutan, which is 40 min away from Las Flores Resort, on the way to the airport. Available hours are from 6am to 4pm, Monday to Saturdays, Sundays to noon. Results are provided in maximum of 1 hour, just state that they should are to be presented for traveling. Prepayment is not required.

USD $55.00
Cash or CC payments

OPTION #2: PCR-TR tests which are the most widely accepted but they do take more time to deliver the result for which you have to be cautious to make the appointments no less than 4 days before the examination. This COVID test must be done up to 3 days before arrival to the USA, any more than this, would not be accepted at the airport. Las Flores Resort can coordinate for the RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 (COVID -19) test to be done at Las Flores Resort with Max Bloch Laboratory; results are ready within 24 to 36 hours.

Important note: Some countries require that travelers send a negative result test within 36 hours of arrival and it is the traveler’s responsibility to check in advance about the restrictions of country destination and inform our client experience agent, who can happily assist you, by sending an email to: cony@lasfloresexperience.com


Max Bloch Laboratory
Resort Visits are available with previous appointment

It is one of the best laboratories in El Salvador, results are within 24 to 36 hours after the exam. Prepayment is not required. The result is valid for 72 hours but if flight is changed the lab can be asked for the result can be valid up to 120hours (5days max).
*Visits are not available on Sundays or national holidays.

Cash payments only

Laboratorio del Hospital de Especialidades Nuestra Señora de la Paz (In San Miguel City)
Located in City of San Miguel, 55min away from Las Flores Resort, is a highly respected private Hospital collaborating with authorized ANALIZA laboratories. Appointment for test should be made from 5 days before the
examination. Test appointments are at 8:00 AM from Monday to Saturdays. Results are provided in 48 hours, just state that they should are to be presented for traveling. Prepayment is not required.
Important Note: Transfers to Nuestra Señora de La Paz Hospital are not included. Extra USD$90.00 If you need a bilingual guide (Eng-Esp) Additional $22.00
If the traveler misses the onsite appointment, front desk agents can reschedule Test appointments in San Miguel Laboratory with one day anticipation

Cash payments only

Q&A, what happens if COVID test result is positive?

+If someone tests COVID positive, isolation is required for 7 to 14 days according to the Ministry of Health (MINSAL), which would be in direct contact with the guest to monitor his health. Guest can take the decision of where this Isolation would be done like hotels, apartments and Las Flores Resort is also an option.

If guest with a positive COVID test result decides to stay at Las Flores Resort for his Isolation, guest would always be required to stay inside of room for the entire time. Meals, beverages, and laundry services would be provided at the room door and normal rack prices would apply. Special Bio Security protocol would be applied for cleaning. If a case becomes critical, MINSAL would be coordinating for a hospital bed which can be public or private.


+Prices are subject to change according to provider information.

+Las Flores Resort is happy to assist and coordinate to provide our guests with the highest quality services. The above-mentioned prices are for Las Flores Resort guest only and payments options are depending on the laboratory option

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