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Inhale, Exhale, Discover a Hidden Paradise in El Salvador, and Repeat!

2019 is almost over and is the perfect time to disconnect from work or college and recharge batteries, get refreshed, and get more relaxed in a wellness retreat vacation!  

But, what is a wellness retreat? 

It’s to Inhale the future, exhale the past, and leave all the stress behind, while you are vacationing! Fascinating, isn’t it? and it’s simple as a sun salutation in our golden sunrises! 

In a wellness retreat vacation, you connect with your soul, and with your deepest thoughts, through a combination of meditation + exercise + a proper detox program; and this is what our friends from @LiveBetter built on their wellness retreat vacation program, at Las Flores Resort!  

They choose our hidden paradise at Las Flores Beach in El Salvador east-coast, thanks to our: 

  • Great location 
  • Fresh local products 
  • The perfect surfing spot for beginners and professionals  
  • and our friendly staff!  

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We’ve created a beautiful space for you to relax, renew and restore!  

Would you like to disconnect from the busy city life, and have a rejuvenating vacation with us?  

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